Innovation Space for Innovation Network

Innovation Park is developed to promote and support the use of innovation in public organizations, private companies, research centers, and educational institutions, fostering an enhanced ability to move up the “Innovation Ladder”, while evolving the innovation network to spur on strategic collaboration in innovation development among the public and private sectors as well as educational institutions and local communities.

Innovation Development Activities

  1. Inspiration

A significant aspect for Innovation Park is to disseminate fundamental knowledge on innovation-based businesses to modern entrepreneurs and those who are interested in innovation. Obviously, this helps create flashes of inspiration and comprehension towards the advancement of innovation and technology. Take the “What is innovation?” topic for example, innovation-inspired people will also be exposed to the sharing of knowledge and experience on innovation development, particularly innovation businesses that can be achieved overnight.

  1. Education

Innovation Park provides innovative people with an in-depth knowledge of various fields of study, mostly related to the development of innovation. Backed by collaboration with its strategic partners, including top business organizations and renowned educational institutions, Innovation Park has successfully introduced several knowledgeable programs, for instance, innovative product design, innovative marketing, and innovation business law.     

  1. Empowerment

At Innovation Park, people involved with innovation will be offered advisory services on innovation designed to strengthen the potential of innovation-based business entrepreneurs and allowing them to be more efficient and competitive in the marketplace.   

  1. Investment

Innovation Park has reiterated its intention to consistently promote the enhanced potential of innovation-based business providers, particularly in boosting larger investments and generating business expansion, while also having the required knowledge and ability to obtain firm support from relevant financial institutions.