Innovation Park: Hub of Innovation

Innovation Park has strategically pushed forward the development of innovation infrastructure to the point that is now a hub of innovation at both national and ASEAN levels, as part of the goal to help Thailand become more competitive in various aspects, while successfully integrating within the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC). The innovation movement is also expected to stimulate the advancement of national innovation systems, where the country’s business sector will be empowered with enhanced efficiency and competitiveness.

Location and Place

  • Situated in Soi Yothi on Rama VI Road in the compound of the Ministry of Science and Technology.
  • Occupying a total area of some 10,000 square meters, with 1,200 square meters of common space and 8,800 square meters of utility area.
  • Has a total building space of 1,600 square meters, measuring 40 x 40 meters and totaling seven storeys.


      • First Floor: Open Innovation Space

      Open Innovation Space is a large-sized hall designed to support the organization of innovation exhibitions and activities, with the establishment of a front desk and a public relations office. 

      • Mezzanine Floor: Ideation Space

      Ideation Space welcomes innovators to indulge themselves in a tranquil and relaxing atmosphere that can light up ideas of innovation and creativity. 

      • Second Floor: IOT City Innovation Center

      IOT City Innovation Center is considered a hub of innovative ecosystem development.   

      • Third Floor: Co-Innovating Space

      Co-Innovating Space invites business people to share their excellent ideas and professional experiences on the operations of innovative businesses as well as the development of the innovation network.   

      • Fourth Floor: Innovation Strategy Space serves as a workstation of officials of the National Innovation Agency (Public Organization) (NIA).


      • Fifth and Sixth Floor: Conference Room

      A well-appointed conference room and a vast utility area are reserved for executive meetings and other functional activities. 

      • Seventh Floor: Rest Zone

      A rest zone allows NIA’s employees to take a break from the hard hours they work.

Special Features

  • One-Stop Innovation Service

Innovation Park offers a comprehensive range of information services related to innovation development and associated business operations. Strategically serving as a hub of innovation, the one-stop innovation service also provides those involved with innovation with sufficient financial information and specialized knowledge on the innovation network. Situated in a highly strategic location, Innovation Park is appropriate for being Thailand’s most professional and efficient innovation development center, where business entrepreneurs are allowed to access information on innovation-related knowledge, finance, and business, in a timely and convenient manner.  

  • Key Infrastructure to Support Innovation Platforms

At Innovation Park, the NIA’s strategic innovation platforms can be planned and implemented in a substantial manner. Considered a key infrastructure of innovation progress, the NIA has recognized the importance of developing and promoting professionals who are highly skilled in both information technology and other related fields of study, aiming to support a growing demand for innovation domestically and internationally. With the successful establishment of Innovation Park, the NIA has remained firm in offering concrete support to innovation-based businesses.

  • Innovation Network

As a hub of innovation for NIA’s strategic innovation professionals and innovation-inspired business entrepreneurs to flock together, Innovation Park also forms a collaborative innovation partnership between the Ministry of Science and Technology and the Ministry of Industry. Additionally, Innovation Park is located in the vicinity of highly-rated businesses, notable research centers, and famous educational institutions.